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The Process of Buying Steroids For Sale And why we started Secrets of Bodybuilding

The Process of Buying Steroids For Sale And why we started Secrets of Bodybuilding


Since I started buying steroids online I have come to know the steroids for sale game as a hit and miss, high output, sketchy returns, always having my fingers crossed in hopes of a decent source and quality product. So many times have my hopes been set high only to have them torn down by fake products, no products sent, or a source that is solid or 6 months then steals your money and disappears without a trace. Since we started out blog at http://www.secretsofbodybuilding.org we have come to meet so many people that have had similar issues it’s kind of scary.  When we first started the site we wanted the site to be bodybuilding site only HOWEVER the most asked question we usually get is where can I buy steroids online? OR where can I find steroids for sale….EVERYTIME… So naturally we started on this info first. AND I DON’T FEEL BAD AT ALL… Here’s why.

When I was a kid the use of steroids was so under wraps and secretive. Even if you figured they were using something nobody was saying yes or no. NOW ITS TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Now pretty much all the pros admit to using steroids but usually add in “BUT I DON’T RECOMMEND IT AND YOU SHOULDN’T TAKE THIS Blah Blah Blah.”  So what they are doing is glamorizing or sensationalizing the use of steroids and making the up and comers want to try it as well, and then going, ok well now you’re on your own. I think it would be in very poor taste for pros to say where they get their gear BUT what is happening to thousands and thousands of people is this. They go online and do some searches, find some website and order who knows what. If they aren’t completely ripped off and actually get anything, then what are they getting? Who knows? Is it just oil? Dirty oil? Bacteria? Who knows? We give people a hand and let them know where to go.


Kids on Steroids

Kids On Steroids

I know kids are out there looking for steroids online. Yes that’s scary, I do not agree with it.

Recently I met a young guy at my gym. I was squatting and he came over and we started chatting. He was short extremely skinny (maybe 110) but had some very lean muscle. I asked him if he would like to squat with me and he was like “I never squat” I asked him if he had a physical issue that didn’t allow him to and he said no that he just didn’t like it. I got him to jump in and he was using 25lbs on each side of the weight bar and really struggling with it. I was surprised but then thought to myself HERE WE GO when he asked me about steroids. I admitted I use them from time to time. (I don’t deny it. I’m not ashamed of them, I just don’t like people thinking I don’t work hard.) Anyways he starts telling me all the steroids he wants to take. He had obviously been looking it up and he was dropping a lot of names DBOL, TREN Etc. Then went on to tell me he was going to start using insulin. My jaw was on the floor. I asked him how he trained usually and how he preps his food etc. and his answer was “well sometimes I get a big dinner at Taco Bell” and no this wasn’t a joke. Also there was no plan as far as training. No Deadlifting or Squatting, no set routine. He just kind f came in talked to people and pushed some weights around here and there. I watched him for the next few weeks. We were going in at the same time. He was now comfortable coming up to me and telling me all the steroids he was going to do…and the insulin… I did everything I could to discourage this kid. I kept encouraging him to get a base at least but he had his heart set on it. I give him some info to read hoping he would snap out of it. When he would some up to me he always start with so I’m looking at this steroid and I’d ask him if he had read any of the info I gave him…nothing. Anyway I lost touch with him because I moved but I’ll never forget his eagerness to use all kinds of drugs but didn’t even want to try to squat.  To this day it still blows my mind.  Since we started the site I can usually tell if a young kid hits me up on email. It usually goes like this. I want to get huge in just a few weeks because I have a party or I have a date or I am going to try out for football. WOW… its so insane.


Appreciation of knowledge

Steroids for Sale

On the flip-side I meet a ton of people that have had the same experiences as I have and are experienced users that are appreciative for the straight up info, and mature people using for the first time that are doing their due diligence in researching a legitimate source location and user guidelines. People are going to find what they are looking for regardless, so the fact that we have created an information site that is no BS upfront and real feels great. I get emails every single day thanking me for the information and it makes me glad we did this in the first place.


The Process of Buying Steroids


  1. Always look for longevity. A company that has been in business for a good amount of time is a good start.
  2. Read about the companies or brands they are selling. Are they known to be counterfeited?
  3. Reviews. This can be questionable. My personal advice is get a good overview. Are there more positive then bad? What was the reason for the bad reviews?
  4. Order small FIRST. If Im trying a new vendor or supplier I always start small. See how the process goes, then slowly scale up. This sounds time consuming…you’re right. But in the end its so much better to build rapport with a reputable provider.
  5. Be patient. In my personal experience most of the better gear has been from overseas (if in the US) so when ordering be patient. Order well in advance of any prep you may need to do.

We have a ton of information about to be posted. Sit tight we work full time jobs and have families.

If you are just interested in the source only just check out each blog post and the links to our recommended provider is at the bottom of each post.

Check out our post on Steroids For Sale. I cover a rip off company you should be looking out for and how it ended up costing me thousands in medical expenses.

Any questions always hit me up by email Id be happy to chat with you,

Stay safe,
Victor Brock